Satoshi Matsuzawa Drawing Music

There are 3 places I lose track of time, (actually there are 4 but I wont mention the 4th as I don’t want to give my blog a parental advisory rating)  book stores, CD stores and TK Maxx. So one of my fav places is Brent Cross as there is a huge borders book store next to a TK Maxx, but alas the Borders is closing down.

Cut a long story short I spent 2 hours in Borders and bought one book for £5.99, but it was worth my time. Illustration Now published by Taschen who specialise in affordable art books, with the closing down discount, I believe I got a bargain.

I recognised some of the artist immediately and found a few new ones whose style I can appreciate.

The first page I opened fell upon Satoshi Matsuzawa, a Japanese artist inspired by 60s and 70s soul jazz and funk,  clearly visible in his artistry. Visit his web site at www.Salboma.Com


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  1. I am designing a poster for a benefit that helps the local youth in asheville NC. I was wondering if ther ewas any way i can get a higher pixeled or higher quality picture for enlarging?
    Please let me know

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